This is the one that started the Mark Harrow PI series.  Mark Harrow, a construction manager who finds himself between jobs decides to take up a career change and becomes a private investigator.  As though that were not a traumatic change in itself, his first case involves the investigation of his last boss' death in a fiery plane crash.

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The sequel to  The Torrance File, tyro PI Mark Harrow takes on a pair of federal politicians on behalf of a prestigious attorney with a shady background.  Harrow, with the reluctant help of his wife, uncovers a malicious plot to sell out the national security of the United States to terrorists!  To complicate the case, Mark Harrow has come to be the new owner of the property development firm that fired him.

The finale in the "File" trilogy, but not the Mark Harrow adventures.  Mark gets into a case that reunites him with Candy's rival.  A Navy SEAL has been arrested for murder, and the evidence is overwhelming, including having been caught red-handed at the scene!  Can Harrow pull another miracle out of his hate to save an old girlfriend's son? 

My first full length novel.  This is an adventure novel that follows two close friends on a whirlwind cat and mouse chase around South America and the Caribbean.  The boys are running for their lives while hiding a treasure from a Jamaican banker who wants them dead and a vicious Bogatan police chief who wants the treasure for himself.  Exciting action page to page. 

JFK was assassinated in November of 1963 and Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the murder.  Curiously, Oswald was killed before it could be proven he was the shooter.  Who was Oswald really?  This story explores an alternative never discussed by the conspiracy theorists.  Sometimes thinking outside the box is the shortest distance between two disconnected points.  

Mark Harrow is at it again.  This time, he is on the trail of art thieves and terrorists.  All the while, he is constantly reminded that he is also the owner of a property development firm that needs his attention.  Dedicated to solving a murder and growing his business, Harrow juggles his time and clues to solve the case and keep his bride pleased. 

The last (so far) of the Mark Harrow series finds our sleuth tracking down yet another murder, but this one has a twist.  There are no clues leading to a potential killer.  The victim had no enemies who wanted him dead.  

To further complicate his investigation, Harrow is finding himself about to lose the investors that are keeping his property development firm afloat.

Jack Spicer runs a modest fishing charter business in the Florida Keys.  When estranged pal, Jimmy Fields, shows up, life changes for Jack.  Jimmy has a plan to retrieve a fortune in gold from treasure sunken off the Yucatan Peninsula.  Jack is reluctant, but Jimmy is persistent, and the next thing you know, the adventure is on.  His newfound fortune in the wind for Jack, or is Jimmy a newfound albatross? 

Jack Spicer is back and once again caught up in Jimmy Fields' shenanigans.  This time, they are off to Cuba on a humaitrian mission to rescue Jimmy's new family.  Naturally, upon arrival, conditions are not as Jack was led to believe.  The boys find themselves running from the Cuban authorities and dependent upon a Russian expatriate to avoid capture.

In the 1960's, Daniel Murphy finds himself in the U.S. Navy and pursued by an uncle with malevolent plans for the young man.  When Daniel learns why, his life changes, and he finds himself allied with members of his late father's organized crime family to survive his uncle's pursuit.  Young Daniel also finds himself smitten with a nightclub hostess who wants nothing to do with him.  

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In Laredo, Texas, the Homeland Securities Investigations division, HSI, of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, is at odds with criminals intent on smuggling drugs and people across the Rio Grande for the greedy quest for wealth.  Barbara Wales, a dedicated HSI agent, is determined to stop the transnational criminals, whatever the cost.  Just how big a price is she willing to pay?

Barbara Wales is at it again.  She and Aaron Flattery are out to show a connection between artificial intelligence development and the open border sanctioned by an irresponsible government.  Feathers are ruffled along the way, and Wales faces her greatest challenge ever.  With only her wits for weapons and the help of a Flattery colleague, Wales sets out to destroy a Mexican criminal cartel.